Welcome to Rightfair Group Ltd. We are Asia's leading foam fabrication manufacturer, producing quality and innovative bodyboards, soft surfboards and snow sleds to the recreational and sporting goods industry.

With over 28 years of innovative design and development, Rightfair Group has earned a reputation as the leading fabricator of high quality bodyboards and soft surfboards in the industry.

Quality products, exceptional service and quick delivery are the foundation of our business. We provide our customers with a high level of customer service, as we find solutions for your requirements. With product concept in hand, we can create the prototype as well as the necessary tooling for full-scale production.

In the 300,000 square feet facility in Shenzhen China, Rightfair produces quality foam boards with state of the art equipments and over 150 skillful workers. Our experienced technicians ensure both quality and design specifications are being met. We committed to provide technical precision to foam boards we make.

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